Rebecca Castellani

Tessa Miskell, Senior Growth Consultant of Phiture, and Alice Muir, Growth Consultant of Phiture, deliver this MGS GVC 1.0 session on improving user experience with mobile in-app messages.

Want to tap into the potential of in-app messaging? Watch the video for Miskell’s and Muir’s invaluable insight into:

  • Your net message potential
  • The drawbacks of email and push notifications
  • What makes in-app messaging the strongest channel to drive conversion
  • App solutions (custom in-app messaging, core in-apps, survey in-apps, and API connected in-apps)
  • Blockers for developing in-app messages
  • Collecting data from users
  • How in-app surveys can be used to understand user intent, streamline the onboarding process, and collect emails
  • Using a net promoter score (NPS) to calculate user experience
  • Obtaining user information through API connected content
  • Determining the most appropriate CRM channel for your campaign
  • Replicating upsells with in-app messages

For those looking to boost user retention and conversation, the impact of in-app messaging cannot be overstated. Tune into Miskell’s and Muir’s full MGS GVC 1.0 session for more advanced advice on implementing in-app messaging, collecting data, and optimizing your user experience.

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