Rebecca Castellani

Gabriel Sampaio, Acquisition and Performance Supervisor of the International Division of Rede Globo, delivers this MGS GVC 1.0 session on navigating the challenges posed by targeting niche audiences.

In this session Sampaio explores:

  • Finding the right balance between free and premium content
  • Identifying “types” within your target audience
  • The healthy balance between scale and accuracy when targetting nice audiences
  • Approaching your target audience
  • Examining and improving each step of your user journey
  • UX sensitivity for niche products
  • Combatting audience dispersion
  • Ad saturation risks
  • Diversifying media sources
  • End-to-end strategies to both target and retain users

A thoughtful strategy is essential when targeting niche audiences, and Sampaio’s MGS GVC 1.0 session is filled with useful insights into optimizing the user journey and improving retention. Watch the full video for more advice on effective audience acquisition.

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