Rebecca Castellani

Delivered at MGS Deep Dives IDFA, this Ask Me Anything (AMA) panel moderated by Christian Calderon (CEO of GameJam) takes a deep dive into IDFA and how the launch of iOS14 will impact the landscape of mobile app marketing. Panelists include: Ionut Ciobotaru, CEO of PubNative & CPO of Verve Group; Mike Brooks, SVP of Revenue at WeatherBug; Carissa Gonzalez, Head of Marketing & Ad Monetization at Pixelberry Studios; and Deniz Gezgin, COO of Epics Digital Collectibles.



Subjects covered in the AMA: 

  • The future of the BI stack once IDFA goes away
  • Transitioning your systems to an internal identifier
  • Apple’s relationship with MMPs
  • Influencer marketing and SKADNetwork attribution 
  • How ad networks like Facebook and Google are preparing for iOS14
  • How changing opt-in rates influence CPMs
  • The importance of app-tracking transparency
  • Potential opportunities for fraud 
  • Building probabilistic attribution models without IDFA

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