Rebecca Castellani

Eugene Joannides, COO & Co-Founder of Mistplay, moderates this MGS Deep Dives LTV session on improving lifetime value (LTV). Featuring panelists Josh Chandley, COO of WildCard Games, and Sasha Mackinnon, CEO of Mino Games. 

The expert discussion includes insight into:

  • The difficulties of tracking LTV
  • Lenses used to measure LTV
  • Predictive modeling of A/B-testing
  • Communication between UA and Product teams
  • Monetization strategies
  • Finding future insights in failed tests 
  • Examples of anti-testing
  • Leveraging user feedback to improve
  • Lessons from gaming live-ops 
  • Using novelty to build habit and loyalty (re-engagement strategy)

For deeper insight into improving LTV, check out the full panel discussion. Like what you see? Check our 2021 events